Wuuh wuuh Kazuko ;)

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    Wuuh wuuh Kazuko ;)

    Post  Kazuko on Sat Jun 20, 2009 7:09 pm

    Heya all,

    finally i've created now a Thread, that I'm in "ImAPuzzy".
    I'm Stephan (short Steph) and i'm 17 years old and come from Germany.
    (omgosh, you'll hate me for my fail English) ;D
    You can see my IGN in ma Signature and yea, i'm the Lover of Faia.
    I love ya <3 ♥️

    If u got any Question, feel free to ask ;p

    so far

    Edit\\ omgosh, it don't show ma Signature here x.x D:
    Edit\\ My IGN is Kazuko, like ma Forum Name

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